Monthly Archives: February 2013

Shape activities

Year 3 have been learning about lots of things linked to shapes this week.





What have you learnt this week 3B?


Year 6 have completed their e-safety comic strips.

What would YOU consider an important piece of advice to tell others when online?

Morning break

Year 3 and 4 enjoy playtime.

What games do you enjoy whilst you play?

Billy Goats Gruff troll found guilty.

Today, year 3 put the troll from the Three Billy Goats Gruff story on trial in their very own classroom courtroom.

Members of the prosecution and defence teams put questions to the troll and the three billy goats, and it was left to the jury to decide whether the troll was guilty of trying to eat the billy goats or whether the billy goats had made up the tale as an excuse for knocking the troll off of the bridge.

It seems there are 2 sides to every story.

See pictures from the courtroom below.



3B Esafety

We all know the internet is a fantastic resource to use to find out information and have fun.

What advice would you tell your friends to keep safe online?

Silent gymnastics?


6H had an extra challenge in their gymnastics lesson today – working in pairs, they could only communicate non-verbally….

Bike-it Maths


We are promoting cycling and scootering this year. Today Emily from Bike – it came in to run some Bike – it Maths activities…

Year 4

Year 4 are using Photobooth to create an interesting image and after cutting this image up the completed picture will be amazing.

Dr Bike in action…


Emily, our very own Dr Bike, is working on over 20 of the children’s bikes today to ensure that they are ready for children to use this spring…

Netball results

Hothfield’s year 5 and 6 netball team played two more league fixtures on Monday evening and they won both games 2-1.

Elly scored both points in the first game and Charlotte and Maire each scored one point in the second game.

Elly was named as Girl of the Match.