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Cober Hill Trip One

Good morning bird.
(What kind of bird is it?)

More photos from a sunny Scarborough

Listen to the completed Podcasting

The Digital Leaders visited the Tick Innovations Centre and below you can click onto the Bradford Digital Leaders blog site.

Please listen to the excellent podcasts and leave your comment.

Year 6 Review the camera on the iTouches

This week the focus is the camera (photographs / video filming).

How can the camera be used to enrich our learning?

What lessons have you used the camera and how did you extend your learning?


Is there a lesson that the camera would be REALLY useful – Here is your opportunity to ‘sell‘ to the teachers the reasons for using the camera in any lesson.


Year 4 are evaluating their own online games

Cober Hill first half

Lots of excitement from children and lots of neatly packed suitcases! Mmm I wonder if the cases will be packed the same on their return journey.

Enjoy your residential.

Apologies for blurred photos 🙁


More from our music concert


Loving the Bollywood moves Julie-Ann, Dylan and Lee…

100 Word Challenge

This week’s prompt is
…the green shoots could just be seen…
The challenge is to write 100 words plus the prompt. 5F have risen to the challenge and their writing is on the Hothfield 100 WC site

Their writing has been submitted to the 100 Word Challenge site

Please take a look and leave a comment.

Last week’s SPOTS…


Podcasting at The Tick Centre

Getting ready

Enjoying Live Music


51 Hothfield Experiences Number 24 – appreciating live music… The Bradford Music Service Band were with us today. Which dance music was your favourite?