Daily Archives: April 15, 2013

BBC Bitesize

Year 6 are investigating Bitesize to help with revision

Easter Homework

5F Maths group had homework over the Easter Holidays. The children had to design and make a game which had an Easter theme as well as a maths one. Today they were able to play the games.

Year 6 App Review

This week the focused App is Countdown

Various criteria that Year 6 are investigating about the reviewed App.

What new learning does this App provide?

What age group is the App aimed at?

Is the App easy to navigate?

Will the App extend the learning?

Would I recommend the App?


Monday morning

This morning break, friends were able to catch up with Easter holiday news during break time.

Creating a new ….

3I are busy creating new games this morning.

3I ask questions

What computer games do you play?

How to you play the computer game?

What do you enjoy when playing the games?