Monthly Archives: April 2013

Girls Games and Fitness Club


Every Thursday our Year 5 and 6 girls meet for their Games and Fitness Club… They dance and play and have lots of fun. Why not join them?

Investigating final facts

Year 4 are investigating important facts about Scarborough prior to there residential visit next week. #excitement

Exploring Europe

Year 6 are finding out about Europe. Which European countries have you visited? What were they like?

Year 6 Review

This week the focused App is: StoryCubes

Various criteria that Year 6 are investigating about the reviewed App.



What new learning does this App provide?

What age group is the App aimed at?

Is the App easy to navigate?

Will the App extend the learning?

Would I recommend the App?


Tell me more

What is this person doing?
Why is the person pointing his arrow?
Is he on his own?
How does he feel?

Tell me more

4W look at . . . . .

4W What is the correct way to comment on a blog?

Sam is working very hard

Sam says, “I feel I am improving my steps in learning and this makes me feel good.”

Well done Sam.
Mrs Cummings says “Well done Sam.”

Year 4 mental starter

How many different comments can we collect for this post?

Please would you show what kind of calculation you used.


We are looking at the blog and adding lots of comments. What would you like to be added to the blog?


This morning the children are playing great games after the heavy rain this morning.