Monthly Archives: May 2013

Great weather this afternoon

What games do you enjoy playing with your friends?

3H are investigating databases

Y3 Superhero Day!

Careers Day for Y6

Leavers Photograph

Year 6 listening to the photographer for instructions.

Journalistic Reporting in Year 4

Key features were used to focus the report writings. A check list was used to help the writing.



Animation in 5C

Animations in process.

Enjoying our garden at lunchtime

Sunshine day…


We are raising money for the Lord Mayor’s Sprinkle Sunshine Appeal – don’t we look sunny?

Kenya Animal Facts

Year 4 enrichment group working with Mrs Spencer are investigating facts about animals that live in Kenya. After lots of information was collected the children recorded the facts and made the following podcasts.

(This is the very first time Year 4 have investigated podcasting.)