Monthly Archives: June 2013

Musical Assembly

Pupils from Hothfield showed us their dedication and talents.

Watch the movie – this is, in some cases the first performance in public.  For others they have performed before . . . but never the less, each and everyone of you are very brave and must feel very, very proud.

(Keep up your hard work and you will enjoy your talents for the rest of your life, you will create great friendships and have lots of fun – from Mrs Spencer)

Science Roadshow arrives at Hothfield

Friday afternoon Hothfield experienced science in a different way!

Professor Brianstorm visited us.

Can you remember the different science ‘tricks’ you were shown?

But . . .  can you explain how they worked ?????

This week’s SPOTS


Exotic Animals Visit Hothfield!

We discovered so many fascinating facts when the Rescue Centre came to visit. Not least that it took at least six Hothfielders to hold the python – can you remember what his name was?

What did you learn that day?

What did you do that you never thought you would?

6S IMPS visit at Airedale hospital

“Hello aunty Joan, can you hear me?”

Katie’s happy because she knows there is plenty of oxygen in her blood stream. Do you know what the healthy level of oxygen is in a normal resting body?

What happens when you have high oxygen levels in your blood stream?

Fast Forward – Year 6

Year 6 please explain what is happening today.

What are you learning?


LO. To use column addition to add two amounts. To use decimal notations correctly.

Great working out year 4.

But now I feel hungry!

New Hothfield Archaeology Club Finds Treasure!

Archaeology club got going last night with 6 small trenches bring excavated very professionally! Finds included an Irish penny from 1941 and a Victorian half penny. I wonder who dropped them?








Would you know what to do if you found someone unconscious? We are learning about DRS ABC, do you know what that stands for?

Year 6 using the Internet


6H are investigating mythological creatures to enhance their stories for their end of year production. Things are looking good.