Monthly Archives: September 2013

This week’s SPOTS


Friday morning

Hothfield pupils in years 5 & 6 make the most of the September fine weather.

What games do you enjoy playing?

Language assembly

Miss Woffenden is leading our special assembly.


This afternoon we had the company of this insect. Look carefully, what is it?

Hockey skills in year 4

Year 4 are learning and developing hockey skills in their PE lessons. Look at the concentration in Michael’s and Gabriel’s faces.



Have you got any top tips to help the year 4 children become better hockey dribblers?

Do you like playing hockey?

Maths learning

Grace has been learning how to multiply and divide numbers by 10 and 100.


Can you explain what happens to numbers when you multiply by 10?
What about by 100?

Why don’t you challenge yourself to try explain what happens to numbers when you divide by 10? And 100?

A Tudor family tree

4B have been using our new ipads to create a family tree of the Tudor royal family.


Here, Joe is researching the dates that Anne Boleyn was born and died.

Do you know who Anne Boleyn was?
How was she related to Henry viii?

Who can find out how Elizabeth 1 was related to Henry viii?

Learn by heart: 6x table.

Oliwia’s learn by heart target is to know her 6x table. She has been practising in her maths lesson.


Has she got all of these answers right?
What is your learn by heart target? Are you practising it every night at home?



How many words could we use to describe this picture using


All words used posted will be collected and put into a Wordle picture.

Summer holiday homework

You are invited to come and read the Year 6 reflections about . . . .  Well . . . . go and have a look and feed back on the blog which reflection you like the most and why.