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This week’s SPOTS


Minutes of the School Council

Minutes of the School Council


6th February 2014


Present:Harry Dobson;Finlay Brown;Isla Williams;Daisy Prowse;Amelia Curran;Lara Miller;George Keane;Rachel Smithies;Tansy Whitfield;Aimee Wilkinson;Faith Jordan;Ben Walker;Rianna Vinter;Chloe Hodge;Matilda Reardon;Kacey Roberts also present was Steve McHugh from the Youth Club.


1.We talked about the minutes from the last meeting and the new equipment that we ordered is almost all out except for the skipping ropes which Mr.Proctor will mention in assembly.


2.On Monday evenings at the Youth Club by the MUGA there is an activities club. It lasts 4:30-6:00 and it’s free. There are all sorts of games to play, eg:go-kart making,den making,marshmallow toasting,dressing up and more.Please encourage your friends to go.


3.Two Junior Mentors and two School Councillors went to the 2 Valleys School Council meeting.We had an idea and we are going to do it,a friendship bench in the year 3-4 playground it will be for when you’ve got no one to play with and the junior mentors will know where to find you.


4.We had a talk about families and how we are all different but we all have the same love. People have been using the word gay a lot as an insult but many of our children have members of their families who are gay and so using this word as an insult is not good. Mr.Proctor will talk about it in next week’s assembly.


The next meeting is on 20th February at 1:30 in the dining room.