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Year 3 are learning about ancient Egypt, today we are using our knowledge of 3d shapes and nets to construct our own pyramids…





How can we use ice and salt to make icecream?

After today’s Science lesson, pupils in 4W should be able to answer this question.   We used our learning from last week’s lesson to make mini freezers (in a bag!) and mixed sugar, milk and cream to produce  some very tasty results, although some children commented that it wasn’t as good as Mr Whippey’s!
The challenge for 4W and others is to explain how it works.

Why do we grit the roads in winter and why does Mr Hird put salt on our playground when it’s icy?

Children in 4W should be able to answer this question after investigating what happens when you mix salt with ice?   They measured the temperature of ice before and after salt was added and got some unusual results!

Brilliant at Bingley!

The 22 children who represented Hothfield at
the Bingley Harriers country country challenge on Wednesday 24th September made us all very proud.   They showed tremendous team spirit and resilience and did brilliantly.  A special well done to the children who were racing for the first time for school.   We are looking forward to our next race on Wednesday at Cliffe Castle.   Mr Carey and Miss Woffenden

This week’s SPOTS…