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Y5 Box Apartments

This week in Maths we’ve been busy planning and measuring the rooms for our box apartments.

We’ve calculated the area of each room – how much carpet will we need?

And also the perimeter – how many rolls of wallpaper?

***UPDATE*** Construction took place this weekend – here’s just some of the apartments we produced! Great work everyone.


Wrinkled Heart

Each class has discussed the idea of the Wrinkled Heart – the idea that each hurtful thing said crumples a heart that then leaves wrinkles even when uncrumpled. “Before you speak – Think and be smart – It’s hard to fix a wrinkled heart.” Continuing the theme of being a Good Hothfield friend. There is a heart in every classroom.


This week’s SPOTS…


Netball 27/11/14

Hothfield played two friendly games. We drew 1-1 in both games. Rianna scoed in the first game. Sofia scored in the second game.

Rianna got player of the day. All the girls played well together and I am very proud of their performances.

Mrs Meakin

Year 3 making canopic jars

How did you make these?

4B investigating circuits


How do circuits work? What is needed in order for a circuit to work?

Duck, duck…Goose!



Year 4 having fun at playtime.

Y5 William Morris Designs

As part of their Topic work, Year 5 have been learning about the Victorian artist and designer William Morris. The children have been inspired by his use of plants and nature in his repeating pattern wallpaper designs.

The process involved sketching in the Wildlife garden, etching into polystyrene squares, then printing with ink onto paper.

What do you think to our designs? More will be on display near the dining hall staircase very soon!






This week’s SPOTS…


Technology Club have been busy. Do you like our models?