Monthly Archives: March 2015

Year 3 visit St James church, Silsden

Exploring the church and discovering more about the Chritian faith as part of our RE topic. 

Viking Trading Game

4B have been playing a game to learn about Viking trading. 

Working for either the Viking or Anglo-Saxon civilisations they produced, negotiated and traded goods with each other. 

They learnt about what the Vikings traded, how they did it and how trading from Scandinavia wasn’t always easy. 

I wonder if anyone from 4B can give us some more information about what is was like to be a Viking trader?

Singapore bar models

Year 4 were learning how to use Singapore bar models to solve fractions problems today. 

Here are some pictures of 4B coaching 4F. 

Can you use the Singapore bar method to find five- sixths of 18?


This week’s SPOTS…


Negative numbers

What would the weather be like at -4 degrees C?

Can you think of 3 smaller numbers than -5?


We’re all so sleepy…


All ready for our bedtime story on our Book Week….


This week’s SPOTS…


Music concert

Which was your favourite tune that was played in the concert?

Do you already play an instrument? Would you like to take up playing an instrument?

Netball at South Craven

On Wednesday our year 5 and 6 netball team participated in a competition at South Craven.

We played 3 games in our group. 0-0 draw with Lothersdale. 1-1 draw with Cowling (Alix scored). 4-2 win against Glusburn (Rianna 1 and Sofia 3 scored).

We won our group but lost to Kildwick in the semi finals.

Well done Hothfielders!