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This week’s SPOTS…


Did you enjoy Peter Pan? Oh yes, you did!

We loved our Christmas Pantomime – Peter Pan.  What did you enjoy the most?  Who was your favourite character?

IMG_20151215_092617131 IMG_20151215_092628736 IMG_20151215_094529853 IMG_20151215_100906641

Back to the Victorian Christmas

Thank you to all who came to watch Year 5 perform their Victorian Christmas show this week, we hope you enjoyed it.

The children all showed great dedication and resilience to learn all their words and songs in a relatively short space of time. Well done to everyone!

Did you have a favourite part of the show? Can you come up with a better (worse) Christmas cracker joke of your own?

Deck the Halls

This week’s SPOTS..


This week’s SPOTS…


Families Learning Together in Science…

Our latest Family Learning afternoon was a Science Workshop.  An enjoyable and positive afternoon with parents and children learning together….

‘I enjoyed spending time with my daughter doing something fun’

‘Thank you for all the ideas for fun things to do at home’

‘I loved doing the Workshop with my mum’

‘Very enjoyable Family Learning’

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