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This week’s SPOTS. …



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After days of torrential rain, we felt blessed as we gathered in the grounds of Cliffe Castle for the 3rd in this season’s Bradford Schools’ Cross country races.    A fantastic 29 Hothfield children made us proud, as

they braved the 1 mile circuit of the park, with many ending up caked in thick, gooey mud which just added to the fun!   The teams in every age group have done really well and showed great team spirit and determination.      The support and help from parents was also was brilliant – thank you.       We’re looking forward to the next and final event  (March 9th) which is extra special because it takes place in our very own park in Silsden.

Apologies to the Year 4 girls whose photo is not shown, because I was taking a video  instead of a photo until Alice sorted out the problem on the IPad!  Miss  Woffenden

PS: Don’t forget to have a look on the “Woodentops” website for some wonderful photos of runners in action.

Y4 Timed Challenges…


How many factors of 48 can you write in a 150 seconds?  How many star jumps can you do in 75 seconds?

Year 4 have been finding out.   They have been timing each other to complete a variety of challenges and learning how to convert units of time, at the same time!  or simultaneously!  IMG_0493 IMG_0494 IMG_0497

This week’s SPOTS. ..


This week’s SPOTS. ..