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Drax Cup – West Yorkshire finals

Today, our Year 3/4 cricket team participated in the West Yorkshire finals of the Drax cup.

We played 4 games in the group stages. We won our first game due to a tremendous batting performance and some wonderful catches in the field. The second game was narrowly lost. Our third match was tied on runs and wickets so went to a bowl-off. We lost the bowl off in sudden-death – how unlucky. However, we quickly got over this agonizing defeat to win our final match – again thanks to a strong fielding performance and a superb batting performance by our final pair of James and Huey.

We finished 2nd out of 3 teams in our group (just the bowl-off away from qualifying for the semi finals and a possible chance to play at Headingley).

What a season it has been for these players. Each and everyone of our players have improved their cricketing ability greatly in recent months. We have a very strong squad and the future for cricket at Hothfield looks very bright indeed.

Also, the sportsmanship and mutual respect shown by all three teams in our group was an absolute joy to behold. It is this that makes these completions worthwhile. Each team tried their very hardest to win, but were the first to congratulate the opposition if they were beaten.

Mr. Bolland is a very proud Hothfielder this evening.

Well done Natalia, Grace, Archie, Rio, Jack, Evan, Huey, James, Owen and Lennon.

House races before the rain.

Due to the weather forecast, we had to make the decision to cancel the afternoons activities but we still managed to squeeze in the house races before the rain came. 

Bradford Summer School Games – U9 Football

On Friday, our Year 4 football team took part in the Bradford Summer School Games at UAK, Keighley.

We played 4 group games, winning all four.

In the final we lost 2-0.

So we finished in 2nd place overall out of all the schools in the Bradford district.

Well done James, Jack Hi, Jack Ha, Evan, Rio, Alfie and Sulaiman.

This week’s SPOTS. ..


3 Oaks Book of the Week. .. Clockwork by Philip Pullman


Come on England!


This week’s SPOTS. ..


Literacy on film

Year 4 have been writing their own detective dramas and have been filming all week. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished films.

Bradford u11 cricket finals

On Monday our Year 5/6 cricket team played at Bradford and Bingle CC in the Bradford schools’ finals. We won 1 of our 4 group games and finished 8th overall.

We played well but faced some very good teams. Whilst our bowling and fielding was up to its usual best, we perhaps let ourselves down with batting – losing some cheap wickets – especially to run outs. 

A good season overall and plenty to build on for next year.

Well done Ethan, Finlay, Lola, Josh E, Josh L, Joe, Lewis, George, Danyal and James. 

Welcome Mr Mayor

On Thursday 9th June,  Year 4 children were extremely excited to welcome the new Mayor of Silsden – Mr Peter Robinson to Hothfield.
The Mayor talked to them about the duties he undertakes in his role as Mayor and about some of the things that he has been working on in Silsden.  One thing that he and the children feel very strongly about,   is  the problem of litter and dog mess around the town ,which they feel makes Silsden look messy and unattractive to visitors as well as being a health hazard.   They have written letters to the Mayor and Town Council  requesting that more bins are  installed in different locations.    They also had the opportunity to ask questions, some of which included “What inspired you to become Mayor?” and “What’s your favourite food?”.   The answer to the first was ” to give something back and make a difference”  and the answer to the second was ” curry!”  The c hildren were completely engaged and thrilled!  They gained so much from meeting Mr Robinson and we are very grateful to him for giving his time to visit us.  YEAR 4 TEACHERS AND CHILDREN.  PS  Their letters will be sent the Mayor this weekIMG_1172 (2)