Monthly Archives: June 2017

Bradford Summer Games Baton Relay

Our friends from Eastwood School ran all the way from Keighley in the rain to pass on the Bradford Summer Games baton.  Then some of the Hothfielders took the baton to Ilkey Grammar School – running a bit of the way!

Conquering the Three Peaks in One Day!

Huge congratulations to the 4 Hothfielders who achieved the Three Peaks Challenge- climbing all Three Peaks in one day – a fantastic achievement…

This week’s SPOTS. ..

Debating in 4 Weasels

4 Weasels discussing their ideas and opinions about “Should animals be kept in zoos?” using talk and question tokens. Lots of great points raised – we’d love to know your opinions!

4 Weasels investigating triangles

4 Weasels creating, investigating and checking different types of triangles – scalene, right angled, isoceles and equilateral! Well done for working so hard.

This week’s SPOTS. ..

This week’s SPOTS. ..

What a picture!

Inspired by the work of Vincent Van Gogh, Jorja has produced this fantastic painting…

Making wonderful music

Great to hear some of our musicians at the Music Showcase today…