Daily Archives: November 29, 2017

Evacuate Year 6!

A great day was had by the children in Yr 6 who came to school as World War 2 evacuees today.  Carrying their gas masks, identity labels and luggage they arrived at school thinking about what it might have felt like to leave their homes and families to be sent to an unknown place of safety.  During the day the children tasted ‘Granny Walbank’s mints’ – sweets made to a wartime recipe; they made carrot biscuits with ingredients available on rations and they experimented with the idea of ‘Make do and mend’ – transforming one garment into bags, toys, glasses cases, skirts, waistcoats and a whole range of indefinable items!

In the afternoon they took part in a marching drill and drew propaganda posters or worked on Enigma style code breaking.  All the children entered into the spirit of the day and learned from the experience.