First night at Buckden for Y6!

Group 1 arrived at Buckden House today and have settled in quickly. Here are some early thoughts…

“What a great building with lovely rooms,” says Amy, “However, my bunk is a bit rocky!”

“Making my bed was hard,” says Charlie C, “Luckily Mr Pickering came along and saved the day whilst I was tangled up in the duvet cover.”

“I fell in a pool,” said Liv, insightfully.

Abi’s highlight was, “Climbing a waterfall although I got rather soaked.”

“I’ve never been so cold in my life,” said birthday-boy Tom, “but it was worth every second. I loved it!”

“Climbing up the ghyll was really hard in the wet but we still had fun!” added Grace.

Check out @SilsdenPrimary for a few first day photos!

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