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Random Acts of Kindness

We are celebrating the amazing genuine kindness of our Hothfield pupils. Everyone in school started with ONE rubber band on their left wrist. If they see a person that is kind, the band is given to that person and it is then placed on the right wrist.

The bands are already moving from wrist to wrist.

Buns and Biscuits this Friday

I think this Friday is going to be a popular day!

But to make it successful PLEASE donate too 😉


Hothfield has a new blog which will showcase our children’s writing for a 100 word writing challenge. Selected pieces will be entered to the 100 Word Challenge site see our links or click here
The challenge this week was a different type of prompt. Children had 5 words to use in their writing. They could be anywhere in the piece and in any order but they had to use them all! That means they had 105 words this week. The words are:-






Look at our 100WC Blog to see the children’s writing.

Has your writing been selected?

Return to learn..


How wonderful to have the children back learning… How did you enjoy your first day?

Story Challenge #2

Lets see what happens . . .

Just write one sentence to continue the story.  We know the story starts with . . . . . .

The day light shone bright at the entrance to the stairway, it was a good job the steps curved around the corner . . . . . .

You now have the invitation to carry on with the next line!

Special People Of The School

This week Year 3 and Year 4’s are the ‘SPOT’s of Hothfield Junior School

Well done

Blogger of the week

Well done Elly

Educational Blog Awards 2012

All pupils and staff @Hothfield would like to thank everyone that voted for our school,

but we have not made the short list.

We must keep our chins up and feel VERY proud of our blogging site.

We have shown MANY people in LOTS of countries

our brilliant activities we do on a daily basis.

Congratulations from Hothfield Junior School to all of those schools

that are on the short list. But watch out, we’ll be ready from the start !

Watch our blogs next week ~ we’ve lots of things we are going to boast about.

Jubilee Celebrations

Lots of singing and dancing


Good news travels fast. 6,319 visitors to Hothfield blogging site so far.

Please do keep spreading the word.

At Hothfield, we feel very proud and enjoy sharing our blog with everyone all the hard work that pupils and staff work together on a day by day, or sometimes minute by minute basis.

Keep checking our blog daily.

We just have too much to share 🙂

If you want to look at the GRAND TOTAL of visitors

  1. Click on the Flag Counter (right hand margin)
  2. Click on Flag Counter View
  3. Now you can view a daily breakdown of visitors per day

Just keep checking – it’s really interesting