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Hothfield Junior Sch (@Hothfield_Sch) has shared a tweet with you BRILLIANT THINGS HAPPEN AT HOTHFIELD TAKE A LOOK — Hothfield Junior Sch (@Hothfield_Sch)

Hothfield Junior Sch (@Hothfield_Sch) has shared a tweet with you WOW LOOK AT OUR AMAZING SCHOOL. We are really proud to share with you some special events & news. — Hothfield Junior Sch (@Hothfield_Sch)

Lunch time


The dinner ladies work very hard preparing our lunches for us.


This is the menu today.

What would you choose to eat?

I would have the vegetable curry and fruit crumble.


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Delighted with last week’s launch of Keep up the good work! — James Langley (@lordlangley73)



What did you think of our Samba players this morning? Would you like to join?

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Hothfield says ‘Hello’

Welcome to Hothfield Junior School’s new blog

Welcome to Hothfield Junior School’s new blog. Over the next few weeks we will be showcasing some of the great work the pupils do at our school. Pupils will also have the opportunity to use the blog to access some of their homework as well.