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This week’s ‘Thunk’.

Each week I will upload a ‘Thunk’ to our blog.

Spend some time talking about the Thunk with a friend or family member, perhaps during a family meal or when you are on a journey in the car.

And don’t forget to share your opinion in the comments section.

There are no right and wrong answers to these questions, but make sure you give a reason with your answer.

This week’s Thunk:

If you borrowed a million pounds, would it make you a millionaire?

Christmas Shop

A huge thank you to the Hothfield Parents’ Group and Volunteers for their amazing support throughout the year.

Particularly for Chair of the Parents’ Group, Mrs Mortimer whom organises the Christmas Shop and sourced all the 150 presents that the children purchased.

Many children returned from the Christmas Shop excited that they were able to purchase a ‘special’ present and have it all wrapped up.

Father’s Day Stall

Pupils at Hothfield are lucky to have a Parent Group that organise a Father’s Day Stall event for all children to buy a gift.

Mmmmm I wonder what are inside these wrapped presents?


Just take a look at our visitors

A big huge thank you to all our visitors from all over the world. It’s great to see you are all interested in our blog. We would love you to leave a comment and state your country.

Cameras !!!

What are these going to do?

Animation afternoon with family and children.

We have some brilliant teamwork in the room.

Music to film below was added by a parent later on – the story line is great.


We are looking at the blog and adding lots of comments. What would you like to be added to the blog?

We are open

Aiming to open Tuesday.

Victorian model

Kieran 5F has made this model of a penny farthing as part of his project on Victorians


Buns and Biscuits this Friday

I think this Friday is going to be a popular day!

But to make it successful PLEASE donate too 😉