Instant blogging

Watch out 5F Mrs Fairburn has word press. Look out for instant blogging.

Year 4 children are busy planning a story


The story is called “Adventure at the castle”.
What would your story include in it, if you was to write a story?

Hothfield is starting to think about


Our growing area is looking empty at the moment.
What kinds of vegetables do you think we will be growing?

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Mr Procter is working out how to blog using the word press app on his smart phone…


Year 4 start their journey


Year 5s and 6s – Do you remember your trip to Cober Hill?  What was the highlight?

Year 4 meet for the last time before their residential trip

Year 4 meet and discuss last minute things with teachers before their

Coberhill residential trip..

Lots of excitement fills the air.

No doubt lots of interesting posts will be blogged about the trip.

Can you tell us how you felt just before you went on a school residential trip?

Nervous ? Excited ? Both ?

The Tunnel – what can you see?

Year 3 have been using ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne to help them with writing adventure stories.

Using the images below, can you describe what Rose can see as she runs through the wood?

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