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Crossing the pirate swamp


What was it like to be a Viking trader?

Why were the Vikings disadvantaged?

What skills does a successful trader need to possess?

4 Bears made it rain inside!

How did we make it rain inside?

What caused it to happen?


Year 4 problem solving

  What were you investigating Bears?

What did you find out?

A Tale Unfolds Premiere




See the film by clicking on the link below.



A Tale Unfolds…

4B writing their diary entries whilst getting some fresh air.


A Tale Unfolds…

Group work, filming days 2 and 3, and adding voice clips. 


A Tale Unfolds…

1st day of filming today.


4B practising running events for Sports Day.


How do different liquids affect our teeth? Why?


4B, can you describe what we did and explain why we did it?

What did we find out?

HP for each 4B child who comments with some useful information.

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