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What we ‘saw’ in Year 5 this week

This term, all children in Year 5 have had the opportunity to earn some ‘Specialised Learning Time’ on a Thursday afternoon. This time gives the children the chance to try their hand at a new, creative or fun activity in order to learn new skills.
So far they have explored the art of quilling, undertaken construction tasks with lollipop sticks and art straws, before this week trying out some woodwork. For many, it was the first chance to try out their saw skills!
A few photos of their efforts this half-term are below.

Mosques at Sunset

On the back of their recent RE learning about sacred places, Year 5 have today been using their artistic skills to create inspiring images of mosques at sunset.

5 Jupiter are shown first below during the creative process, using pastels and watercolours. They then added a silhouette of their mosque using black paper.

Some of 5 Saturn’s finished creations are then also shown.
Jupiter Sunset Mosques 


Year 4’s Autumn collages.


Y5 Water Topic #1 – The Fighting Temeraire

Year 5 have been making a splash with our new topic, water, this term. In art, we’ve been studying paintings of the sea by the artist JMW Turner.

We evaluated his famous painting ‘The Fighting Temeraire’ and then made our own 3D versions of it. What do you think? (Note: The first one is by Turner, the rest by Y5!)


Year 5 have been experimenting with the craft of quilling this week – an art form popular in Victorian times that involves rolling and sticking thin strips of paper to create decorative designs.

What do you think of our Christmas cards?

Y5 William Morris Designs

As part of their Topic work, Year 5 have been learning about the Victorian artist and designer William Morris. The children have been inspired by his use of plants and nature in his repeating pattern wallpaper designs.

The process involved sketching in the Wildlife garden, etching into polystyrene squares, then printing with ink onto paper.

What do you think to our designs? More will be on display near the dining hall staircase very soon!





The Mousehole Cat

4W are using soft pastels to create these amazing images of this story.