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The end of a great week for Y6 at Buckden!

How quickly the week goes! Trip 2 came up on Wednesday and have enjoyed two fantastic days in mainly dry weather. A few highlights from the children are below.

Harry recalls his walk in the glorious sunshine on the first afternoon. “I had a great time and will never forget how Josh J walked all 4 miles in his jumper and full waterproofs whilst everyone else was in shorts!”

Summer remembers a ‘near-death experience’ on the ghyll scramble. “Tayla was convinced we were going to die! We didn’t.”

“The cave was sooooooooooo cold!” said Lydia. “I’m pretty certain Harry lost a couple of fingers from frostbite.”

“Mr Pickering seemed to get rather worried in the cave,” recalls Tilly. “I think he thought he had lost Matthew because Matthew (who was leading us out) kept ignoring him when he was checking we were all ok! Or maybe I was just confused because it was so dark…?”

Maisie also wanted to contribute to this blog but she couldn’t because she was too traumatised after Lydia rolled down the hill and nearly flattened her.

Well done everyone – thanks to a great week from all the staff.

First night at Buckden for Y6!

Group 1 arrived at Buckden House today and have settled in quickly. Here are some early thoughts…

“What a great building with lovely rooms,” says Amy, “However, my bunk is a bit rocky!”

“Making my bed was hard,” says Charlie C, “Luckily Mr Pickering came along and saved the day whilst I was tangled up in the duvet cover.”

“I fell in a pool,” said Liv, insightfully.

Abi’s highlight was, “Climbing a waterfall although I got rather soaked.”

“I’ve never been so cold in my life,” said birthday-boy Tom, “but it was worth every second. I loved it!”

“Climbing up the ghyll was really hard in the wet but we still had fun!” added Grace.

Check out @SilsdenPrimary for a few first day photos!

Buckden Residential 2016