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Cober Hill

What a fantastic week we had at Cober Hill. The weather was invariably pleasant and everyone had a smile on their face. 

Here are some pictures.

What was  your favourite experience?



Letter to the Cober Hill chefs

We liked our food at Cober Hill. So much so in fact, that Daisy and Chloe have decided to write a letter to say thank-you to the Cober Hill chefs.



Cober Hill first half

Lots of excitement from children and lots of neatly packed suitcases! Mmm I wonder if the cases will be packed the same on their return journey.

Enjoy your residential.

Apologies for blurred photos 🙁


Year 4 start their journey


Year 5s and 6s – Do you remember your trip to Cober Hill?  What was the highlight?