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Hothfield has a new blog which will showcase our children’s writing for a 100 word writing challenge. Selected pieces will be entered to the 100 Word Challenge site see our links or click here
The challenge this week was a different type of prompt. Children had 5 words to use in their writing. They could be anywhere in the piece and in any order but they had to use them all! That means they had 105 words this week. The words are:-






Look at our 100WC Blog to see the children’s writing.

Has your writing been selected?

Bombs and Blackberries – Hothfield On Air

Last term children from Hothfield wrote and starred in a radio play.  This was recorded over 2 days at Jam Radio in Keighley (an online community radio station). They had a wonderful experience of working in a professional recording studio and the play is now ready for broadcast.  It is due to go out at teatime on Saturday May 12th and will be available as a podcast to download after that date – we will try and get a link from our website.

See www.jam-radio.co.uk for programme details.


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The Tunnel – what can you see?

Year 3 have been using ‘The Tunnel’ by Anthony Browne to help them with writing adventure stories.

Using the images below, can you describe what Rose can see as she runs through the wood?

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