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Y34 Maths Challenge

8 budding mathematicians from Years 3 and 4 attended a challenge evening at South Craven secondary school on Wednesday.

The children tackled sudokus, solved problems, entered into a rapid mental maths relay and undertook a construction task to build a freestanding tower using just straws and paperclips!

The event was enjoyed by all and provided a fantastic opportunity for an early insight into secondary school life.

Well done to all of the team (Alex, Ben, Ronnie, Umayma, Isaac, Rory, Keyaan and Fin) who earned a 4th place finish out of 7 schools.

Some of the Silsden Team!

Sharing Mental Maths Games in Scratch 

Year 5 have been learning some advanced coding skills in computing lessons. Using Scratch, they have all created mental maths games to test their knowledge of the times tables! The games have been programmed to input player names, generate random questions and check for accuracy of answers. Some children have even been able to keep track of scores and lives within their games!

Last week they welcomed Year 3 children into the ICT suite to test out their games and to give feedback (see the photos above). It proved to be a fantastic shared learning experience that was enjoyed by all. 

South Craven Mathematics Challenge


Magic Squares

4 Bears have been creating their own magic squares in maths this week. 


Counting Coins

Do you find that using maths resources helps you with problem solving? Year 5 certainly do!

We had great fun today sorting counters into piles that fitted our rules. We then extended ourselves to try with larger numbers of coins to see how the problem changed.




Year 4 problem solving

  What were you investigating Bears?

What did you find out?

Maths Puzzle of the Week.


Can you solve this puzzle? 4B had a go earlier this week.

Don’t post the answers online, bring them to show Mr. Bolland instead.

Counting UP to zero

5P and 5H have been practising their negative number skills this week by playing an Arctic-inspired board game. The aim of the game was to end up at zero, though luckily we started at -25 and worked up!

Are you confident counting forwards and backwards through zero? When do we see negative numbers being used?


Singapore bar models

Year 4 were learning how to use Singapore bar models to solve fractions problems today. 

Here are some pictures of 4B coaching 4F. 

Can you use the Singapore bar method to find five- sixths of 18?

Negative numbers

What would the weather be like at -4 degrees C?

Can you think of 3 smaller numbers than -5?