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Year 5 sharing stories with Aire View

Over the last two days, Year 5 visited the Year 1 classes (Swallows, Eagles and Robins) at Aire View Infants to share their fantastic stories. The children have written some wonderful tales suitable for younger readers and have been rehearsing their performances especially for today. We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to hear the children in year 1 read some of their stories too. What a beautiful day! 

6JC books of the week

Ben recommended Spy Dog and Julie- Anne recommended Lily Alone. 

4W’s Recommended Books

4W recommend books to share and be inspired by.

What books would you recommend? Also tell us WHY

We are really looking forward to your suggestions

Yellow bananas?


5P are reading “Becky and the Wheels-and-brake Boys

Who can tell us the connection between “bananas” and “Becky and the wheels-and-brake Boys”?

If you want to read the story yourself look for the book