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Year 5 are growing bacteria!

As part of their topic work on the Black Death of the Middle Ages, Year 5 have been exploring how quickly bacteria can grow and spread.

Working scientifically, the children tested how clean their hands were by putting a finger print onto nutrient agar jelly – the perfect conditions for micro-organisms including bacteria to grow.

Judging by the Day 10 results below for Saturn, some of the hands weren’t as clean as they could’ve been! Meanwhile, I’m off to clean my computer keyboard (the source of the largest growth!)…

The yellow/orange dots on the photos show the micro-organisms that are currently growing.

Feel the Force(s) in Year 5

Year 5 have been exploring gravity and air resistance by designing and testing parachutes!

Year 5 Astronaut Day

5…4…3…2…1 -> Year 5 are go!

Today, the children entered Silsden Primary Space Academy to experience what it would be like to train as an astronaut. Throughout the day, they undertook a series of challenges (all based on real astronaut training tasks) to test their physical, mental and communication skills.

Highlights included a bleep test in the hall, a tricky numerical memory test, a repetitive origami task and a maze with reverse controls!

All children (worryingly?) are now fully-certificated qualified astronauts!

Gears, Levers and Pulleys

Year 5 have been busy investigating gears, levers and pulleys over the last two design technology sessions. Today we had great fun with the Lego sets in order to build simple machines.



Rocket Science – Final Measurements

UPDATE: Tim Peake has revealed that the space seeds were in the BLUE packet! A full report on the experiment will be published in the autumn.


Year 5’s seven week Rocket Science experiment has come to an end, and unfortunately the topsy-turvey nature of the weather over May was not kind to the plants!

We await the announcement as to which packet of seeds had been into space. Our conclusion was that the ‘Red’ seeds were slightly more successful than the ‘Blue’…

Year 5 Waterworks Trip

The three Year 5 classes visited the Headingley and Esholt Water Treatment Works last week to help their topic learning. At Headingley, we saw how water is treated before it gets to our taps before transferring to the Esholt site to look at the treatment of waste water.

On Wednesday, Saturn class had the bonus of including the 100,000th visitor to Yorkshire Water’s Education Centres in our party. You can read more about that here.

Some photos from the trips are below (Mars photo to follow).
Esholt WTW12

Esholt WTW19

Esholt WTW29



Rocket Science – Day 10 Measurements

Year 5 have today taken another set of official measurements on Day 10 of the Rocket Science experiment. We checked what percentage of the seeds have developed into seedlings in each of the 8 trays. Well, technically we’ve only counted the number in each tray so far – can anyone help out with the percentages?!

Blue Packet
Tray 1: 13 out of 25 (13/25)
Tray 2: 16/25
Tray 3: 11/25
Tray 4: 19/25
Blue Total: 59/100

Red Packet
Tray 1: 20/25
Tray 2: 23/25
Tray 3: 18/25
Tray 4: 21/25
Red Total: 82/100

Are the Red Packet seeds developing better?

Rocket Science – First Seedlings!

The first seedlings have started to germinate! 6 of the 8 trays are showing signs of life – 3 trays from the red packet and 3 from the blue.

Rocket Science

Year 5 are really pleased to be representing Hothfield as one of the schools taking part in the Royal Horticultural Society and UK Space Agency’s ‘Rocket Science Experiment’.

As featured recently on Blue Peter and BBC News, the experiment involves sowing 200 rocket (salad) seeds and monitoring their growth and development. The exciting part is that half of the seeds have spent the last 6 months with Major Tim Peake on the International Space Station. Nobody knows if it was the red packet or blue packet!

The children have sown the seeds today and set up the fair test by following the strict experiment instructions. We also made predictions: Will the time in space have had any affect on the seeds? Will we be able to grow fresh food in space in the future? Keep an eye on the blog for updates on how the seeds are getting on!


Who stole my biscuits?

Saturn’s classroom became a crime scene this afternoon when somebody stole Mr P’s secret stash of biscuits!

Luckily, the class were on hand to use their detective skills to crack the case. Using chromatography, the children were able to identify which pens had been used to write the notes left behind by the thief. By dipping paper and ink into water, we watched as the ink dyes separated into different colours – allowing us to match up the pen to that which had been used.

Oh, and it was Jacob ‘wot dunnit’…