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A Watery Week for Year 5

The Year 5 children managed to fit in not one but two trips out of school last week!

The first was to the Yorkshire Water Treatment Works at Headingley. The classes learnt about all the ‘baddies’ in water and the process undertaken at the Works to clean them out.

Closer to home, the children also took a trip down to the canal to learn about the history of a boat called ‘The Kennet‘ that is celebrating its 70th birthday this year. Volunteers told us all about how the boat was made, the history of the canal, locks and many other things. The highlight for most was seeing the cabin where the boat workers slept and ate – it was rather snug!

Year 5 Waterworks Trip

The three Year 5 classes visited the Headingley and Esholt Water Treatment Works last week to help their topic learning. At Headingley, we saw how water is treated before it gets to our taps before transferring to the Esholt site to look at the treatment of waste water.

On Wednesday, Saturn class had the bonus of including the 100,000th visitor to Yorkshire Water’s Education Centres in our party. You can read more about that here.

Some photos from the trips are below (Mars photo to follow).
Esholt WTW12

Esholt WTW19

Esholt WTW29



Pupil Pipeline Challenge

Year 5 started their new water topic with a splash today – by taking part in the Pupil Pipeline Challenge.

To raise money for Water Aid, the children worked together in large teams to create ‘pipelines’ to transfer water across the playground. Despite a few soakings and spillages, it was a really fun way to understand how water reaches our taps and how others around the world are less fortunate with their access to water.

Many thanks for all the donations – we raised £72.


Year 5 go to the Water Works

The Year 5 classes have been visiting the local Water Works as part of our current topic work. In Headingley, we learnt how water is cleaned before it gets to our taps, then in Esholt we saw what happens to the water (and other things!) once it goes down the plughole. The helpful team at Yorkshire Water gave us lots of information and activities, answered all our questions and gave us tours of the sites. We all enjoyed wearing the hard hats and hi-visibility jackets!

Today was 5P’s turn, some of the highlights are below.

Did you enjoy it?

Water Treatment Photographs from 5P’s trip

A few photos from 5P’s trip to the Water Treatment Works

5P use the Internet to learn more about . . .

5P are using the Internet to learn more about water cycles and the environment.

Using http://www.thewaterfamily.co.uk/index2_content.html 5P have discovered how to conserve water and how easy it is to waste water.

Have a look at the website and see if you can learn something new about water!

You won’t be a drip !!!  (sorry)