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Year 4 greenhouses

Year 4 have been designing and making greenhouses in their enrichment learning.

Can you guess who made this greenhouse?


Year 4 are country dancing!

Year 4 have been learning country dancing in their P.E. lessons. They’ve found out that it can be tricky to learn but by being resilient they are improving and having lots of fun.

Year four tag rugby tournament images.

Here are a selection of images from the year four tag rugby tournament last Friday.

Jacob on a jinking run.

Matthew dodging the attempted tags.

Great passing skills from Hothfield Reds.

Tayyab with eyes on the ball.

Look at the concentration in Mason’s face as he prepares to tag the opposition.

Mackenzie leads the breakaway.

The Hothfield Blues’ defence weren’t letting anyone through.

Archie’s eyes light up as he spots a gap with just seconds remaining…

…and streaks through the opposition defence on his way to scoring the competition winning try.

He touches the ball down to spark wild celebrations.

Ben and Jacob receive the trophy from Hamish.


Y4 tag rugby

Our year 4 tag rugby teams have spent the morning improving their skills in preparation for a competition this afternoon.



Year 4 children are busy planning a story


The story is called “Adventure at the castle”.
What would your story include in it, if you was to write a story?