Blogging goes ballistic!

During the Autumn term the Curriculum ICT team hosted an ECAB event (Every Child A Blogger) in which we introduced the concept of blogging and it’s possible impact on pupil’s learning for schools across Bradford. The two half day events were very well attended and we have been inundated with requests to build bespoke blogs for numerous schools. Once the blogs were set up we were called in to run staff meetings within the schools to train teachers and support staff how to create posts with images, moderate comments, add categories, add static pages and embed additional Web 2.0 content. To see a selection of Bradford schools that are blogging, click the school blogs menu next to the Home icon and  see some of the fantastic work going on across the authority.

If you would like to get involved with blogging you can use numerous free services or the Curriculum ICT team can develop a bespoke basic blog for your school at a cost of £75. If you are interested please contact:

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