Attitudes to reading survey

The results of the on-line ‘Poll Daddy’ attitudes to reading survey are in!


* 157 participants completed across whole school access.

Question 01

Do you like / enjoy reading?

Yes                                                                  96%

No                                                                   4%

Question 02

What types of things do you like to read the most?

adventure                                                    22%

mystery                                                      16%

comics / magazines                                   12%

comedy                                                       11%

horror                                                           8%

true stories                                                  8%

fantasy                                                         7%

other option                                                5%

playscripts / drama                                   3%

sci-fi                                                             2%

facts / information                                     2%

internet pages                                             1%

information texts / newspapers               1%

Question 03

Do you have a favourite place to read?

at home                                                        30%

sofa / beanbag                                            26%

other option                                                24%

at school                                                       14%

floor / rug                                                     4%

table                                                               3%

Question 04

When you read, do you like…

silence                                                           59%

background music                                       22%

talking                                                           14%

other option                                                    6%

Question 05

Do you prefer to read…

alone                                                                         62%

with friends                                                              17%

0ther 0ption                                                            11%

in a group (guided reading / book club)              10%

Question 06

What are you reading at the moment? (sample)

  • Why Eating Bogeys is good For You by Mitchell Symons
  • Sister Ella author are Pipa Goodhart
  • Who Kidnapped The Mayor by Roderick Hunt
  • The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cottrell Boyce
  • Falcon’s Malteser by Anthony Horowitz

Question 07

Why did you choose to read this book? (sample)

  • Because it looks good.
  • I choose this book because is got lots of details.
  • My Mum showed it to me.
  • I pick books that I think are good.

Question 08

What is important in helping you to decide which book to read?

blurb                                                  30%

front cover                                       26%

author                                               13%

size / thickness                                11%

illustrations                                        8%

recommended by a friend               6%

Other Option                                     4%

extract (sample page)                      2%

Question 09

What don’t you like about reading?

not enough choice                          27%

Other Option                                  23%

too many words                             22%

not interactive                                15%

size of the book                              14%

Question 10

Do you think you would read more if books were ICT based?

yes                                                      62%

no                                                       38%

James Langley has the ‘Electronic Kindle vs Paper Based’ book results in our pros and cons pupil test drive.'

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