Kindles go continental!

As part of Myrtle Park’s Comenius links with schools in Chateauroux and Gutersloh, we have been writing and illustrating a shared text. The first part of Chapter 1 has been uploaded to the Kindles and children have been able to read/view their published work as part of the reading list.

Text – France / Germany

Images – England

Chapter 1 (extract)

Once upon a time, a brother and a sister, whose names were Michael and Eva wanted to go for a walk in the forest to pick mushrooms.  So, they asked their parents if they were allowed to go there.

“Of course, answered the mother, but don’t go too far.  Stay away from the area called the Black Devils!”

“We promise mum” said the children.

The children began the journey.  The forest was huge, deep, dark and terrifying.  The trees looked like monsters: their faces came out of the trunks.

The children were scared and lost their way.

Suddenly, a voice howled from nowhere…


A moment later, they were imprisoned in a cage…'

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1 Response

  1.' Mrs Sarah Crowther says:

    I am very proud of the work that Year 6 have done so far on the kindle project. Our guests from France and Germany were very impressed that we have been able to use our Comenius work and link it to technology. Keep up the great work everyone!