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As part of World Book Day 2012 pupil’s at Myrtle Park developed a collection of peer reviewed books to widen their range of reading choices and tastes.  Here are a few of those featured on the Kindles…

TITLE: Teacher’s Pet RATING: 5 out of 5

AUTHOR: Morris Gleitzman RECOMMEND: Y / N

ILLUSTRATOR: Moira Millman GENRE: Fiction

SYNOPSIS: It is about a girl called Ginger and she is allergic to cats, which is unlucky since she has cats as pets. On the way to school Ginger meets a stray dog, but he is accused of biting the principles ankle. So Ginger is on a mission to clear the dog’s name.

I CHOSE THIS BOOK BECAUSE: I like pets and I thought the front cover looked interesting. Once I had read the blurb I knew it would be a book I would enjoy. Also the title sounded like it was going to be a humorous book.

I LIKED / DISLIKED IT BECAUSE: I liked this book, because it was funny and interesting. As well it was quite heart-warming, because of the relationship between Ginger and the dog.

By Claudia

TITLE: Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief RATING: 5 out of 5


ILLUSTRATOR: Logan Lerman GENRE: Fiction

SYNOPSIS: Percy has been framed of steeling Zeus’s master lightning bolt and Hades’ helmet of darkness is missing. Can Percy find the master lightning bolt and Hades’ helmet of darkness before the summer solstice and stop a war of the gods.

I CHOSE THIS BOOK BECAUSE: I liked the look of the front cover and I had already seen the film.

I LIKED / DISLIKED IT BECAUSE: This book was very exciting.  My favourite part was when Percy (son of Poseidon) has a fight with Ares (god of war).  The reason they had a fight is because all he gods apart from Poseidon (god of the sea’s and water) thinks Percy has taken Zeus’s master lightning bolt, but really it was Ares.

As well Hades’ (god of the underworld) helmet of darkness has been stolen.  Percy managed to beat Ares in their fight and sent Hades’ helmet back to the underworld and travelled to Olympus and gave Zeus his lightning bolt back and stopped a war of the gods.

By Joel

TITLE: The Dairy of a Wimpy Kid

RATING: 5 out of 5

AUTHOR : Jeff Kinney



GENRE: Fiction

SYNOPSIS: This book is about an almost normal 13 year old boy that lives with his maniac older brother, attentions seeking younger brother and his embarrassing parents. In school he is the class wimp the only friend he has lives across the street and also goes to the same school.

I CHOSE THIS BOOK BECAUSE: most of my class mates where reading a Jeff Kinney diary of a wimpy kid book and they all said they were really good so I read the back of one of the diary of a wimpy kid book and I loved it.

I LIKED / DISLIKED IT BECAUSE: It is a really humour’s book and the story line was really interesting. I liked the way the author turned the book from a diary into a comic then back into a diary. I also liked the images.

By Ellie-Kay


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