Curriculum ICT Supports Successful Schools

The Curriculum ICT team support nearly 100 nurseries, primary and secondary schools across Bradford and in other local LAs. We always like to celebrate school successes. Two particular recent successes have been at Shirley Manor Primary School, Bradford and Miriam Lord Primary School, Bradford.

Shirley Manor Primary School achieved the ICT mark in June. The ICT Mark is an accreditation for schools who have reached nationally agreed levels within the NAACE self-review framework. It celebrates a school’s success in effectively implementing appropriate technologies to impact on children’s learning and the overall development of the school as a whole. Vicki Cox, a member of the Curriculum ICT team worked closely with Nicola Robinson (ICT co-ordinator), the SMT and teaching staff over a 2 year period to help develop the vision and working practices of the school. The school was then visited for half a day by an ICT Mark assessor to discuss with staff and learners the standards of e-maturity reached. Once the assessor had visited the school, Shirley Manor was recommended for the ICT mark and this was confirmed on 21st June. Congratulations to all the pupils and staff at Shirley Manor and we hope you continue to develop the use of ICT to impact in all areas of school life.

Miriam Lord Primary School were chosen as winners in not only one, but two categories in the Education Blog Awards 2012. The UK Education Blog Awards celebrate the best in school blogging. This is the second year of the awards, last year they had over 300 nominated blogs, and 3600 votes cast. This year they put together four categories for blogging awards. The categories were:-

  • Class Blog of the Year
  • Whole School Blogsite of the Year
  • Teacher Blog of the Year
  • Most Influential Blog of the Year

There were 900 nominated blogs this year, and nearly 8000 votes – more than double the number they got in 2011! The ten blogs which achieved the most votes in each category were sent to the judges who have gone through the strict judging criteria and scored the blogs accordingly.

Miriam Lord Primary School were nominated in three of the four categories and managed to win ‘Whole School Blogsite of the Year’ and ‘Teacher Blog of the Year’

Curriculum ICT team’s role was to set up the blog and make it bespoke for the school. The team introduced the concept of blogging to schools across Bradford through their ECaB conference (Every Child a Blogger) earlier this year. Since that conference Curriculum ICT has been asked to create over 60 blogs for schools, provide training in the use of these blogs and demonstrate how they can make an impact on children’s writing. Miriam Lord’s blog launched in October 2011 and since then they have received over 58,000 visits which is quite phenomenal.

The Learning and Curriculum team would like to a say a HUGE well done to all the pupils, staff and parents at Miriam Lord. A huge thank you also goes out to all those people that have taken the time to comment on the blog and make it an area where children see a real purpose for writing.

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