New CEOP / ThinkuKnow video resource

CEOP (Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre) have produced many high quality resources for supporting schools with their E-safeguarding curriculum through the ThinkuKnow website and their video resources are always of a very high quality. On the 31st October they released a new edition to their video library called ‘First to a Million‘. The film is aimed at 13 to 18-year-olds and shows a group of teenagers competing to gain one million views of their video clips as they produce increasingly outrageous videos which feature ill-fated pranks.

This video is very original in the way that it allows the viewer to interact with the video; the opening video sets the context of the film and then allows the viewer to choose what happens next providing an interactive and personal experience. The interactive video resource is available to stream from here or you can download the interactive video to play on your PC or Mac here via the KS3/4 tab along with a full pack of teaching resources .

Paul Scott

Curriculum Innovation manager working strategically with local, regional and national partners ensuring the service’s provision continually evolves to meet the needs of schools, the local community and businesses.

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