A Podcasting Quest

The year 3 pupils at St James’ CE Primary School, Bradford, spent the morning podcasting movie trailers linked in to their creative curriculum theme ‘Quests’. We started by listening to the persuasive language used in two film trailers – E.T. and Jumanji and picked out phrases that they would like to use. They were then introduced to the ‘film’ that they had to create an audio trailer for – ‘The Three Little Pigs’.

The most important aspect of any audio broadcast is ensuring you have a high quality script that you can read. The adults in the classroom were asked to also write their own script so that they could demonstrate how to record live in front of the children. A lot of people (adults and children) find it uncomfortable listening to their own voices. Getting the adults to show that they are slightly embarrassed about their voice when then listen back and that making mistakes is okay puts the children at ease when it is their turn to record.

Once the scripts had been completed and practised it was time to record. Today we used Podium as the software of choice but you could use Audacity (which is free). I demonstrated the ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’ of using a microphone and then the teacher and the classroom support adults bravely stepped forward to record their script in front of the class. The staff managed the recording in only 2 takes and the children were delighted at listening to the mistakes they made and were happy to point them out. The children then recorded their own script and we finished off the morning by editing the audio and adding a copyright free backing track.

The final podcast created by the adults:-

If you would like any of the Curriculum Innovation Team to create audio broadcasts with your school, please contact your link consultant or e-mail sarah.hawkins@bradford.gov.uk

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