How to Mirror Android Tablets to Your Whiteboard.

Earlier today I blogged about how to show your iPad on a whiteboard in class. Well this is how to do the same with an android tablet.

It’s been much more complicated to do this as there are so many different android tablets that are running different versions of the operating system. I’ve tested this using a seven inch Samsung Galaxy Tab Running Android 4.1.1.

There are a few apps that do this for you. The trouble is most of them involve rooting your tablet which essentially means taking some of the restrictions off that the manufacturer imposes. It’s a bit like Jailbreaking an iPad which is not recommended. This will invalidate the warranty for most makes. If you want to go down this route (and you or your technician know how to root devices) then you can use MirrorOp. You’ll also need to check your device is compatible -check on their web site.  You need to install the free app and pay around £10 for the program on a windows computer.

I decided not to root my device. After weeks of searching I’ve got the answer. At the time of writing this is the only way to mirror an android tablet to a computer without rooting the tablet.

You need to buy the VM Lite VNC Server from the Google Play Store. It’s less than £5.

You then download free PC software from their web site. There are instructions to follow here. As with most Android devices it’s not as straightforward as it could be so here are a few tips:

The first time you set this up you have to connect with a usb cable. It might say “No android device is connected.” If you go to settings> Storage settings , change from a Media device (MTP) to a camera connection (PTP) and it should work.


Even though mine works fine it still says “No android decice is connected.” Just click “Start VMLite VNC server” and open up a browser with the address it says. I find the Java option works best for me.

You can’t scale the window. It’s either full size or half size. If possible turn your tablet horizontally to landscape mode, I find this works best.

A bit fiddly but it works! I hope this works for you, please let me know how you get on.



Tim Bleazard

Tim has over 20 years experience as a primary school teacher, twelve of them as an ICT co-ordinator. In 2009 he was seconded to Challenge City Learning Centre and used the opportunity to assist schools in their understanding and use of a range of new and emerging technologies. He joined the team as a Curriculum Innovation Consultant in 2012. Tim is a qualified E-Safety Mark Assessor, CEOP Ambassador, Apple Professional Development Authorised Trainer and a Google Certified Teacher. Tim’s role includes evaluating a range of mobile devices (Apple, Android and Microsoft) and advising on their appropriate use in schools. Tim is passionate about blogging, programming and using creative digital technology such as video, animation, photography and audio to raise attainment across the curriculum. He leads the very successful ‘Media Literacy Leaders’ project in partnership with Bradford UNESCO City of Film, the British Film Institute and Cape UK.

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