How to Mirror Ipads onto your Whiteboard

Projecting the Tiny Tap app onto a whiteboard using Airserver.

Teachers and pupils love the chance to work with iPads and other tablets. No waiting around to log on to a network, easy and intuitive to use and create beautiful books, films, animations and music. One problem has always been how to use the whiteboard in class to model tasks and to share work produced by children. Here are the options for schools with iPads. Unfortunately at the time of writing there is no way to mirror an iPod touch to the screen, although it can be done with an iphone.

Choice 1. Buy a cable.

At the time of writing these cables cost just over £10 from Amazon. They plug straight into the whiteboard VGA lead just as your laptop or class computer does. The down side is you are limted by the length of the lead, so you can’t walk around the room with your iPad. The only way to share work with a student is to unplug your iPad and plug in the one being used by a pupil.

Choice 2 Use Airserver

Airserver is a program you install on a PC or a Mac. It costs roughly £10 for a personal licence but you can buy 20 educational licences for approximately £60, see details here. Once Airserver is running you double tap on your home button on the iPad and swipe left to right until you see the mirroring option below. Turn on the option and your iPad appears on your PC screen. You need to make sure the iPad and PC are on the same wifi network. For me this is a winner. There are no wires so you can wander around the room. You can mirror more than one iPad on the board at once. The most we’ve tried is twelve! It means you can switch iPads on the board quickly, you can compare work side by side too. Airserver also broadcasts the audio from and iPad or iPhone.

Choice 3 Reflector

Reflector is a Mac and PC program that is similar to Airserver.  It also allows you to record a video of your actions on the iPad and save it as a video file on your PC. There are free ways of doing this already. You can use the Smart Recorder in Smartboard software or you can use the fantastic free Screencastomatic.

Choice 4 Apple TV

I really don’t see the point of buying Apple TV any more. They cost £90 each and you could kit all your classrooms out with Air Server of Reflector for about the same price as one. They offer you the chance to connect multiple iPads to the Apple TV wirelessly. I suppose one advantage is that you don’t have to go through a computer.


Please leave a comment to share your experiences. I’ve just managed to mirror android tablets too, so I’ll add this information in a separate post.



Tim Bleazard

Tim has over 20 years experience as a primary school teacher, twelve of them as an ICT co-ordinator. In 2009 he was seconded to Challenge City Learning Centre and used the opportunity to assist schools in their understanding and use of a range of new and emerging technologies. He joined the team as a Curriculum Innovation Consultant in 2012. Tim is a qualified E-Safety Mark Assessor, CEOP Ambassador, Apple Professional Development Authorised Trainer and a Google Certified Teacher. Tim’s role includes evaluating a range of mobile devices (Apple, Android and Microsoft) and advising on their appropriate use in schools. Tim is passionate about blogging, programming and using creative digital technology such as video, animation, photography and audio to raise attainment across the curriculum. He leads the very successful ‘Media Literacy Leaders’ project in partnership with Bradford UNESCO City of Film, the British Film Institute and Cape UK.

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