Developing cross-curricular ICT skills with Year 3

Yesterday, I spent the the day teaching 30 Year 3 gifted and talented pupils from schools across the Bradford East 1 partnership. The host school was Thackley Primary School and the staff did a great job to ensure we had all the equipment, space and staff that we needed. The other schools that attended were Our Lady and St Brendan’s, Grove House, Cavendish, Poplars Farm, Fagley and Greengates. Between 3 and 6 children from each school attended the full day of training and were supported by a TA or HLTA from each school.

The intention of this first of 2 days was to develop the cross curricular ICT skills of gifted and talented children as a joint partnership project. I worked alongside Mrs Keeley Poole, Thackley Primary, to develop the focus of the training for the day. It had to be something the children could do once they returned to their own schools. We chose to teach the children how to create a multi-track radio broadcast in the morning and in the afternoon we covered how to create a movie about e-safety using iPods. We know not every school has access to iOS devices but it gave the children the opportunity to see what these mobile devices were capable of.

As the children were all ‘G&T’ we decided not to ‘spoon-feed’ them but complete both tasks as independently as possible. We also decided to mix the groups of children up so each child worked with pupils from the other schools in the partnership. I was delighted with the children’s behaviour, teamwork, script writing and final ICT related products they produced. We received very positive feedback from the children and the adults attending the day and we are thoroughly looking forward to delivering day 2.

I have embedded all the radio adverts below and I’ll think you’ll agree, all of the children did a great job! Well done! I must also say a big thank you to all of the adults that helped out from the different schools and we look forward to working with you again soon.

The Curriculum Innovation team are often called to run these partnership events for different groups of schools across Bradford and beyond. If you would like us to work with you to plan and deliver a gifted and talented partnership day with your schools please contact


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