Walk with an Egyptian! Or was he a tomb raider?

Today the Curriculum Innovation Team ran their ‘Enhancing the History/Geography Curriculum using Effective ICT’ course at The Innovation Centre, Bradford. The course content included a multitude of free websites and resources that do engage and enhance learning across the curriculum. The delegates also got the opportunity to use mobile technologies to create content that pupils could use quickly and efficiently in any primary classroom or EYFS setting.
A virtual Winston Churchill recalled some of his favourite and most iconic speeches from World War 2.

The afternoon was topped off with a live Skype interview with Howard Carter (the gentleman who discovered Tutankhamen’s tomb). This Egyptian activity is being rolled out live with Bolton Brow Academy pupils next week. If you are a Curriculum Innovation subscriber school we are happy to work with you to organise interactive Skype calls that will engage children across the curriculum, please contact sarah.hawkins@bradford.gov.uk.
The video below shows part of the training today. Enjoy. 🙂

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