Digital Leaders go from Strength to Strength!

The Innovation Centre held its second training day for Cohort 2 of the Digital Leader Programming on 10 June. This was an opportunity for our newest Digital Leaders (DLs) to share what they had been doing in schools since the last training day and learn some new skills that they could pass on out school.

The Digital Leaders prepared a short presentation which they then shared with the rest of the group. The work that the DLs had been doing since the last training day was very varied. Some DLs had been working with specific year group while others had been teaching teachers in staff meetings!

The thing that all the DLs had in common was their confidence and also their ability to talk about all aspects of Computing. In fact one thing that most DLs agreed upon is that the most important attributes that a Digital Leader should possess was confidence.

Some of the areas that they been involved with included working with individual teachers, running staff meetings, auditing teacher’s skills and passing on information and training  to other children. Most of the DLs had regular meeting, usually at lunchtime where they planned their next pieces of work. One group was reviewing educational websites and adding this to the schools newsletter.

Some of the DLs who are currently in Y6 were interviewing their successors in a rigorous interview process.

As part of their training the DLs learned about cloud storage and its uses and potential pitfalls and we finished the day with a session on password security which the DLs will be taking back to their respective schools.

It was a great pleasure to welcome so many keen and dedicated DLs to the centre and we look forward to the program progressing!


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