Downloading copyright free video content to an iPad

During the summer holidays the Curriculum Innovation team have time to research and try out new apps. The latest iOS app I stumbled upon is Video D/L. The app allows you to download copyright free videos from video streaming services such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Video DL

There are two versions of the app. The version I tried was free but it did have ads. If you buy the full version (£2.99) the ads are removed and you can save the video to your Camera Roll. Please ensure that you have checked the Creative Commons license of the video you are downloading to ensure that you are not breaking copyright laws. If you contact the owner of the video they will normally allow you to use the video as long as they have been acknowledged accordingly.

Once the content has been downloaded it can be located and opened in iMovie so that you can edit it. Once it has been edited as necessary you can export the video to the Camera Roll. Remember to delete the raw file in the app as well as the project in iMovie to ensure you are not taking up to much memory on the device.


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