Time Travel Skype

Over the summer the stalwart crew of the Innovation Centre painted Studio 1 wall a lovely shade of green (it’s actually the correct shade for using ChromaKey or green screen. We used the B&Q matching service to get the perfect colour! )

You can see the team literally painting the pyramids here!

We have also invested in some excellent software called XSplit Broadcaster that allows us to combine live and recorded images to create a wonderful Skype broadcast and this is a service we are offering to all subscribing schools!

So far we have had Sir Titus Salt, Howard Carter, Roy Chapman Andrews, Guy Fawkes, Mr Bumble, the troll who lives under the Bridge and Tarzan into the studio. The rumour is that Father Christmas may be paying a visit as well! The pupils are told that we have a special version of Skype that allows pupils to talk to people in the past!


Steve broadcasting as Roy Chapman Andrews!


What the pupils see!

What the pupils see!


We can offer a bespoke experience for your pupils to talk to and engage any historical character you want!

Please contact me for more information!

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