Garageband for Writing

Creating a short, spoken word audio performance is a great way to encourage writers. It’s exciting to see writing can be shared through the format of a professional sounding recording that is easy to create. In these examples year three children from Thornbury Primary used the skills they had been working on in English lessons to create these reports. It’s a great way to showcase their writing talents.

On a very simple level Garageband allows users to record their voice and play it back. This is a great tool for children to use to check if they are pausing in the correct places for punctuation and adding intonation and expression. We took this further by adding pre made music loops that matched the mood of our writing. We also adjusted volume levels so the music didn’t drown out our voices.

We started this activity by creating a piece of shared writing. We recorded this into the Notes app using the microphone tool instead of typing it out. This is a really quick way to get writing on the page (or screen). The children were fascinated to see how accurate this was. It also gives us the chance to edit any mistakes that the tool makes. To gain access to the dictation tool you’ll need to enable Siri in the settings on your iPads.


Once we’d all recorded we added a track under our voices, we shared our work using Google Drive.  We have a video tutorial showing how to create spoken word recording in Garageband. It can be found behind log in our our site here

Book Creator have just announced that we will soon be able to add Garageband recordings into our books. This is great news as it means our recordings could be linked to movies, text and images we make in other apps and shared in one ebook!

Update: This update to Book Creator is now live and details can be seen here. Update your Book Creator and Garageband apps to try it out.


Please contact me for any help or information about getting started with Garageband for writing.

Tim Bleazard

Tim has over 20 years experience as a primary school teacher, twelve of them as an ICT co-ordinator. In 2009 he was seconded to Challenge City Learning Centre and used the opportunity to assist schools in their understanding and use of a range of new and emerging technologies. He joined the team as a Curriculum Innovation Consultant in 2012. Tim is a qualified E-Safety Mark Assessor, CEOP Ambassador, Apple Professional Development Authorised Trainer and a Google Certified Teacher. Tim’s role includes evaluating a range of mobile devices (Apple, Android and Microsoft) and advising on their appropriate use in schools. Tim is passionate about blogging, programming and using creative digital technology such as video, animation, photography and audio to raise attainment across the curriculum. He leads the very successful ‘Media Literacy Leaders’ project in partnership with Bradford UNESCO City of Film, the British Film Institute and Cape UK.

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