Digital Leaders at Clayton Village Primary

20160621_082106925_iOSLast week I was lucky enough to visit the Digital Leaders at Clayton Village Primary. The school have completed day 1 of our Digital Leader Academy training and this was a chance for me to catch up with them and discuss their Digital Leader roles.

The children are Abdul Rahim, Chanelle, Billy, Olivia, Harley and Kye. The DLs have been working with several staff across the school showing them how to use Book Creator, Comic Life and Aurasma. In Aurasma they made posters that ‘came to life’ when sued with the Aurasma app. The children meet regularly and the regularity of the meeting depends on the tasks they are undertaking as Digital Leaders and are hoping to make more use of Edmodo in the near future for sharing ideas and achieving their badges. The children are in year 4 and year 5 and have been actively helping their class teacher and classmates with a range of technology within their lessons.

They have created technical guides for a range of apps including Aurasma and Book Creator and having spoken to the children about this activity I think they need to apply for their Creator Level 1 badge on Edmodo. They have been actively involved in (e)Safeguarding activities and will get involved in some assemblies next term. The children were discussing creating some content to help children use YouTube safely and becoming a conduit for pupil voice around Online Safety and Online Bullying across the school. The children were also aware of many children across school playing games where the PEGI rating was higher than their age and were considering creating some provision to highlight this and give guidance to parents and pupils.

The children are also gathering information for the Digital Leader school notice board to give information about themselves and the activities they are undertaking.

The children discussed recruiting new Digital Leaders next year and the process they would have go through to achieve this.

Well done DLs at Clayton Village, some great work so far and clearly a busy year ahead.

Paul Scott

Curriculum Innovation manager working strategically with local, regional and national partners ensuring the service’s provision continually evolves to meet the needs of schools, the local community and businesses.

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