Growing Up Digital

This is a new report from the children’s commissioner, Anne Longfield, that has a lot of material that will be interesting to educators including:

  • One third of internet users are under 18
  • 3-4 year olds spend 8 hours a week online
  • 11-18 year olds spend over 20 hours a week online
  • Young people are signing agreements with social media companies without reading the terms of conditions or understanding the consequences
  • Children themselves felt that they did not trust teachers to understand online safety issues
  • Ofsted found staff training on esafety to be inconsistent even though Headteachers reported that it was adequate
  • One third of 15 year olds had sent a naked photograph of themselves
  • 20% of 7-11 years old had wanted to report content but did not know how
  • The report call for digital citizenship to be a compulsory subject for 4-14 year olds

You can download the report here

You can find resources to help about online safety on our dedicated webpage here

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