Killinghall Digital Leaders get busy!

Last week I visited Killinghall Primary school to talk to their digital leaders. I was warmly met by Halimah, Elizah, Romaisa, Zara, Zuhayr, Hasnain and Mr Beaumont.

The children attended Day one of the Bradford Digital Leader Academy in October and this was a chance for me to catch up with them before the second training day.

The children enjoyed the first day’s training at the Innovation Centre and particularly enjoyed creating avatars for their Edmodo accounts and learning how to use Green Screen technology; we used the wonderful Green Screen app by Do Ink.

The children have been tasked with ensuring there is appropriate music for assemblies, they are now capable of checking the connections and settings on the music system to ensure it is set up properly. They are considering creating a simple diagram and putting labels on the connections so that if they are not available to fix the problem a member of staff should be able to follow their diagram to do so.

The school has a clavinova and all the music for assemblies and singing had been pre-recorded onto the clavinova so that the Digital Leaders can play the correct music for each song in assembly.

Several of the Digital Leaders have been supporting the teachers in their class with technology including ensuring the IWB is working properly and are helping other children during Computing lessons.

The children are in the process of developing content about themselves for a display board. The children are keen to get some badges on Edmodo and discussed several of the badges they think they might have already achieved.

We discussed creating some 3D Digital Leader badges at the second session of training and they were very excited about this.

The children have been looking at Online Safety and have been examining how they can keep themselves safe online. They will also be supporting activities around Safer Internet day on the 6th February .

The Digital Leaders at Killinghall have been very busy and I look forward to receiving further updates on their progress over the year.

Paul Scott

Curriculum Innovation manager working strategically with local, regional and national partners ensuring the service’s provision continually evolves to meet the needs of schools, the local community and businesses.

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