Geek Squad animation session 2

So this week we had our second Geek Squad session at Shipley C.E. Primary.

Having experimented with the basic tools of Go Ink’s animation app last week, we started to explore using multiple frames to make the animations a little longer and a little smoother. This meant using the copy frame tool a consistent number of times through the animation. We also explored deleting frames and adding more duplicated frames to our animations to make them shorter or longer as necessary.

The focus for today’s session was to create an animation showing that plants need water and sunlight to grow (as well as soil / nutrients). To do this we identified that we needed 3 elements, the sun shining, a cloud raining and a plant growing.

The example below uses 2 images with 5 frames each per image.

This cloud example I did at 1 frame intervals and it was too quick so I went back to the animation and copied each frame three times to get the effect I was after.

Finally, we created a simple animation of a flower growing. The children did some great variations on the flower demonstration I have here.

Once we were happy with all the three elements I introduced the concept of creating a composition within the app rather than the drawings we had worked on so far. This allows the various drawing elements to be dropped onto a timeline. Each element can move across the area of the page by drawing a ‘path’ for it to follow. We looked at how we could use the tracks in the software to layer our separate animated items and the following video was the outcome.

The children worked really hard this week and it is clear they are now confident with the basic tools and have a basic understanding of how to combine various individual drawing animations within a composition. We will build on this next week.

Paul Scott

Curriculum Innovation manager working strategically with local, regional and national partners ensuring the service’s provision continually evolves to meet the needs of schools, the local community and businesses.

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